Our partner agency for content marketing

The agency belmedia GmbH helps customers through better content marketing to significantly better ranking results on Google. The Swiss advertising agency operates twelve blogs and an online shop. Below are the 12 blogs of the agency belmedia listed.


The online magazine comback.ch is a kind of digital permanent exhibition. Advertisers can use the advertising portal to introduce their company, their products and services. Attractive presentation, good SEO positioning and opportunities for interaction make it easy to recruit new customers.


Do you read what the mainstream media do not bring? Focus on details that go down elsewhere? On the blog newsbloggers.ch readers get such information – from Switzerland and around the world. True to the motto “News. Opinions. Backgrounds” newsbloggers.ch offers factual, but also critical and entertaining.


For business people, time is money. At business24.ch entrepreneurs and the self-employed can acquire information with added value in a short time. The business portal is broadly based. The topics range from finance and taxes to management and technology to the web and law.


Explore the most beautiful places in the world – and make the journey as comfortable as possible. These two points are the focus of the online travel magazine. In addition, readers will receive many useful tips on how to make their journey as enjoyable as possible.


The online portal events24.ch provides information about interesting leisure activities for all ages. Events in a professional context are also discussed. The portal also offers tips for successful event organization.


Switzerland is also proud of its historical building stock. The portal denkmalpflege-schweiz.ch is aimed at anyone who is interested in monument preservation, both professionally and privately. The readers will find there interesting and useful information about the preservation of monuments in Switzerland.


You will not find good equipment in the furniture store. Here it needs expertise. Whether shelves, transport equipment, climbing technology, cabinets, workbenches or special equipment: the online portal provides sound information about all areas of the facility.


How do I plan my move optimally? What do I have to consider for a smooth move? How do I align myself quickly in the new apartment? At umzugstipps.com, readers receive valuable advice on the subject of relocation. So that the next change of residence can be relaxed on the stage.


The latest trends, advice on setting up for large and small budgets and tips for furniture maintenance: The portal möbeltipps.ch presents these and many other content in legible, rich articles on the subject of furniture. Clever buy, beautiful living!


From the vacuum cleaner robot to the electric ultrasonic toothbrush to the bi-directional baby monitor: Household appliances make life easier. Which are that, and which are worth buying, you will find on haushaltsapparate.net.


Whether (sports) car, motorcycle or yacht: engines make men’s hearts beat faster. But on motortipps.ch is not only about PS-Boliden, but also useful information for everyday car use.


Looking good is not that difficult: At beautytipps.ch you will find many valuable advices for getting better. Body care, skin care, cosmetics, anti-aging, fitness, wellness … do not miss any more beauty trends!


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