Restaurant „Meet & eat by Sandro“


In my new restaurant, Meet and Eat, the most exciting influences I could learn and enjoy in the world of cooking come to fruition. We are not an ordinary restaurant. But do without unnecessary “ski-ski” and keep it rather cozy and légèr with us, combined with ambitious cuisine. We process seasonal, high quality food.

The focus is on down-to-earth products, which are prepared with top-level craftsmanship and technical know-how. e.g. dry aging on the bone) in a specially designed refrigerator that precisely monitors temperature and humidity. In the US, dry-aged beef has been a symbol of absolute delights for many years and puts ecotourism lovers on the meat. At lunchtime we convince with a simple, fast lunch concept with various dishes, which can be ordered solo, or as a menu with starter and dessert combined. In the evening we serve à la carte and recommendations from our kitchen.

On our wine list you will find fine wines from all over the world. By vacuuming (airtight sealing) the wine with the unique Vinojet system, it is possible that you can taste any wine without having to buy and drink the whole bottle. Incidentally, every wine can also be purchased! (minus 10 € on the bottle price). Every 2nd Saturday of the month our cooking school takes place, after which we enjoy the cooked with our loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere. The exact dates can be found in our event calendar.

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